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Autorating system about page.

Made in one week with zero effort by one and a half person, this autoranking system can automatically differentiate players with the help of the Elo Rating system.

Every entry in the Autorating database holds unique publicly-signed hashes of profiles that cannot be faked and they represent the legitimacy of the profiles. The player's profile information (played games, wins, losses, total kills, total scores) is purely cosmetic and only for displaying the stars near the profile name. These info stats will not be used anywhere else because they can be easily edited by the user that holds the profile file.

For the automatic results gathering, we are using an autohost instance of Warzone 2100 with an additional game patch (the .wz mod that's downloaded when you join the match) that allows it to automatically report finished research, profiles, unique player keys (needed for displaying the stats) and other match statistics. As it turned out, the single game patch isn't enough, and with the help of Vaut's spectator mod we can now host matches without any trouble and provide automatic win/loose detection, spectator support, additional logging and time limit.

If you have ideas or suggestions in how to improve the current system or you found bugs in it, feel free to DM me in Discord (Max#6717), join our Teamspeak3 voice server or directly write to us in VK.

Details about win/loose state.

The current ranking system calculates single values that represents how good a player can play. We are using the stock Elo Rating system to make corrections of the player's Elo within each played match. To score a victory you need to win, and by *winning* we mean this: you need to get a win screen with unit statistics and all the other stuff, just like in the campaign mission complete. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee that you won the match. After getting the win/loose screen you can safely leave the match, the results being automatically saved.

Elo Rating calculations

For every player in encounter we are calculating probability of winning in this against this particular opponent by this forula (R is current Elo score of players):
After calculating both probabilities we are correcting Elo by this formula:
Where K is constant 20 and S is 0 or 1 depending on what player won. For each 10 minutes of survival, defeated player rewarded with 1 extra Elo point.

You can calculate elo right now on elo calculator page.

Limitations and abuse attempts.

Any abuse attempts will be noticed, the match result may be deleted/fixed/recalculated, and most importantly: players (and potentially his IPs) attempted to fool ranking system could be blacklisted across all Autohosters. If you found an abuse method, contact us with detailed respective of exploit.

Playing with more than single player profile is an abuse attempt! Any "alt" profile will be promtlessly merged into single one (most games, more familiar name or randomly)!
But, since system is based on hash values of profile, you can freely change your name by renaming .sta file. To simplify nickname change you can create multiple sta files containing same hash but with different names.

To filter out spam-games or "double windowed" games Autohosters are collecting and checking data you sent in-game and if it notices that it is sure spam-game it will report the match and all players in it to Automaster for investigation.

To prevent afk players, Vaut introduced activity tracking. If no activity from player for 3 minutes from game start detected - defeat is admitted. Actions are one of following: unit production, research completion, building construction, damage dealing.

Keep in mind that Autorating does not (and will not) have strict nickname/profile rules, any insulting/racist/offensive nickname (in any language) will be changed to "Inappropriate nickname" once. If player will countinue play without changing it it will lead to blacklisting/ban. Also, don't think you can write to chat whatever you want, you can be muted or banned for intensive insulting.

Medals info

Because many players requested drawing medals from Autorating statistics:

Top star elo > 1400 elo > 1500 elo > 1800
Middle star played > 10 played > 30 played > 60
Bottom star wins > 10 wins > 30 wins > 60
Chevron wins >=6 and W/L>3 wins >=12 and W/L >6 wins >=24 and W/L >12

Legal information

The Autorating system collects and stores only data you freely sent into the system. We are not using any of your information outside this specific system. By playing a game, joining the Autohoster room, visiting or navigating the Autorating website, you are automatically admitting store of data. If you want to remove specific data or all the data you sent to the autorating system please write an email on admin at bruh dot software with your player ID/hash and join auto-served confirm room to complete removal.

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