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There will be some code that I'm writing constantly.

If some entry below have SDL2 tag you should build it with SDL2 libs.
If some entry below have linux tag you should build and run it on linux. No Windows support.


state/post date name brief tags source
actively-developed WZ Multihoster Warzone 2100 automatic hosting solution (w/Autorating) c linux pthread websockets postgres By request
WarzoneMapEditor Warzone2100 new map editor cpp SDL2 soon GitHub
maintained WZ Autorating - website&db Warzone 2100 automatic host and player ranking system
(database and website part)
html css js postgres By request
maintained-depricated WZ Autorating - hoster Warzone 2100 automatic host and player ranking system
(game submittion backend and master-slave system)
c bash linux websockets curl postgres no
maintained WarzoneMapTool Toolkit for reading, writing, editing
and analyzing Warzone2100 level-map info
cpp GitHub
maintained cterminal Multithread logging and io c linux pthread GitHub
maintained FactoCord-3 Factorio - Discord chat and command bridge golang linux GitHub
maintained avrora-utils Private cheats for avrora oop system js private
maintained lobbywatcher Loads up Warzone2100 default lobby cpp linux GitHub
maintained wztimeline Draws some pretty graphics by timerecords to analyze cpp linux SDL2 GitHub
suspended [need ideas] Factorio competitive scenario with synchronized ore mining. lua soon GitHub
01.05.2020 Desktop image mover Can shift any desktop entry you like
input: toparse
output: fromparse
cpp DesktopIconsMove.c
08.10.2019 Quicksort visual SDL2 sort mireatask c qs.c
I have whole lots of simple small scripts stored locally. If you need something, just ask me.
Want to see private repos? Fuck you, I will not share it, it's for closed community and we will not let you see this.
Still want to see private repos? Contact me and read "Fuck you" second time but now personally.

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